UF Executive Education's Essentials of Business Executive Certificates are designed to strengthen knowledge of current business leadership theory and practice in order to maximize the tactical execution of business strategy on both the individual and organizational level. Participants will gain the foundational knowledge and skills across the core business disciplines followed by tactical expertise in leadership, HR management, marketing management, and IT management.

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University of Florida Executive Education Online Programs

Business Essentials & Leadership - It is critical to develop the key competencies and skills of leadership and management in order to be an effective leader. University of Florida Executive Education’s Business Essentials & Leadership certificate program will provide you with a strong foundation of tactical leadership skills covering topics such as mutual accountability, strategic thinking and execution, and customer focus. In addition, you will develop skills within the core business disciplines covering such topics as business law, marketing, finance and accounting.

Business Essentials & Human Resource Management - Having an understanding of core human resource and talent management skills is vital to all managers within an organization. With UF Executive Education’s Human Resource Management certificate program, you will gain an understanding of this critical discipline covering topics such as talent acquisition, pay structures and workforce planning.

Business Essentials & Information Technology Management - Today’s IT landscape is rapidly changing and revolutionizing the way we do business. Enhance your IT Management skills with UF Executive Education’s IT Management certificate. You’ll learn how to improve information security, implement mobile technologies, work with enterprise systems and more.

Business Essentials & Marketing Management - Boost your leadership and management acumen by learning essential business and tactical marketing management skills with UF Executive Education’s Business Essentials & Marketing Management Certificate. In this program you’ll learn that marketing is more than just a clever campaign. You’ll learn how to develop successful marketing strategies and cover key topics such as social and global marketing.

Tactical Leadership and Management - Designed for experienced managers with a strong foundation in the core business disciplines, the UF Executive Education Tactical Leadership and Management certificate program is designed to further expand leadership and management skills. You will have the chance to learn a personal management style in addition to learning how to execute business strategy and advanced decision-making techniques.

Tactical Leadership - In this individual course, you’ll learn the essentials of front-line leadership including executing strategies and delegating responsibilities. Many complex business management situations will be covered in addition to the key steps to mutually accountable communication.

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