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A Tradition of Innovation in Higher Education

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on traditional higher education, then Marylhurst University is ready to open your eyes to a new educational experience. At Marylhurst University, tradition doesn’t mean traditional thinking. It means a commitment to education, developing new ideas through forward thinking, embracing technology, and changing to stay relevant in an evolving educational landscape.

Marylhurst University is a private, co-educational, liberal arts institution offering accredited academic and professional programs designed for students who must balance school with work and other responsibilities. The school’s mission and all of its courses are built on a solid foundation of ethical learning, ethical responsibility, and ethical decision making. Marylhurst is also committed to, and actively addresses, social justice causes.

The university emphasizes peer learning, personal attention, and a sense of community. Small, seminar-style classes, prior-learning assessments, distance-learning options, and flexible scheduling make an education at Marylhurst accessible to a variety of active people from across the United States and around the world.

Marylhurst University offers students and working professionals accredited and nationally recognized business degrees that are affordable, convenient and can be completed online.

“In 2009, I entered the Accelerated Online MBA in Sustainable Business program. While physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging, the online venue forced me to adopt a learning curve that I have yet to discard. The opportunity to develop a discourse with other students located around the country provided insight that would not have been possible in on campus classrooms. The course topics were often taken from the headlines, so that not only were we on the cutting edge of educational style, but I was also learning from the research and synthesis of pertinent information. The professors were all active in their specialty areas, which provided me the confidence that the new skills that I was learning could be applied to the real world rather than just accumulating interesting theoretical knowledge.”
Terry Gibson – MBA in Sustainable Business graduate, 2011

“Completing the Marylhurst AOP MBA program in Sustainable development has allowed me to actualize professional goals that I have set for myself. The growth in the sustainable development field is unprecedented, but I believe that additional education specific to sustainability is needed to succeed in such an arena; my Marylhurst education gave me that ability to succeed.”
Tom Fernandez – MBA in Sustainable Business graduate, 2011