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Bisk CPA Review has a remarkable record of helping CPA candidates pass the Uniform CPA Exam. Since its introduction almost four decades ago, more than 150,000 candidates have relied on Bisk CPA Review to pass the CPA exam, including numerous Elijah Watt Sells Award Gold Medal winners.

“Bisk CPA Review was critical to my success on the CPA exam,” said John McInnis, who earned a perfect score on his exam.

Gold Medal winner Stephanie H. Seiberg was equally pleased with her results. “I am grateful to Bisk Education for their role in helping me achieve the highest scores in the nation on the CPA exam.”

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Bisk Education is passionate about providing the absolute highest quality content in all of our CPA exam review products. Bisk’s editorial board includes some of the nation’s leading CPAs, attorneys and educators including founder Nathan M. Bisk (JD, CPA), Bob Monette (JD, CPA), Paul Munter (PhD, CPA) and Thomas A. Ratcliffe (PhD, CPA). And with an in-house staff of editorial CPAs behind the scenes, students can even call to speak directly with the professionals who wrote the book on CPA exam success.

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  • Bisk Self-Directed Online CPA Review
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I used your CD lectures for both FAR and AUD, and passed both of them, in fact I passed all 4 parts. Your lectures were great and enabled me to grasp the concepts enough to pass the Exam. I sincerely appreciate your teaching.

Best Regards,
Nameer Bhatti

Well the best thing for me (who is so busy) is the personal trainer. The fact that you can take a test and it recognize what you need to work on saves so much time. I was able to be more effective in the time that I did have to study with.

Also, when you miss a question, it allows you to click and get the text pages to find the answers immediately with no searching. You can read the chapter and get the next question on the topic correct.

The fact that the practice exam was set up exactly like the real thing also helped...There were no surprises on exam day. I already read the instructions so did not have to waste time.

If you study all of the questions on a particular topic - either answering correctly or reading material in chapter, there’s a very small chance that you won’t know the actual exam question. It seems like the practice questions came from all angles and I almost thought the real exam questions were easier.

And anyone that I know that is studying or about to start I will relay the message.

Thanks Andy.