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U.S. News University Directory provides everything you need to increase your earning potential with an online education, online degree program, or traditional on-campus degree. Search associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, online MBA programs, doctoral and PhD degrees, and certificate programs as well. And because U.S. News & World Report is the leading ranking resource for anyone seeking an on-campus or online degree, you know you’re getting the best advice and information available for your on-campus or online education. When reviewing the campus-based programs, schools, and online degree programs offered here you will be able to select from the largest database of online schools and universities, including many ranked among the best in the nation.

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The Largest Selection of Accredited Online Colleges and Universities Available

The on-campus and online colleges available to you at U.S. News University Directory offer an immense variety of educational options. You can advance your career goals with a degree in art and design, business degree, criminal justice programs, education and teaching degree, engineering program, degree in healthcare, human services program, legal and paralegal degree, liberal arts degree, nursing degree, political science program, science program, or technology degree. Remember that in times of economic uncertainty, those with advanced degrees and certifications seldom have to worry about job security. When the unemployment rate reached 6.7% in November of 2008, the rate for people with a bachelor’s degree or higher was only 3.1% – less than half the national average.

Both traditional and online university degrees should come from an accredited educational institution. The exceptional reputation of U.S. News & World Report means that you can trust in the quality and value of the programs offered here; the vast majority of educational institutions presented at U.S. News University Directory are accredited by one of the six regional United States accrediting agencies. The only schools that are not so accredited are those for which regional accreditation is not typically expected, such as most vocational and technical schools. Instead, these institutions are usually accredited by a national, field-specific accrediting body.

Financial Aid Available for Many Students

Whether studying online or on-campus, many students qualify for financial aid. Depending on your area of study, educational institution, and financial circumstances a variety of grants and scholarships may be available to you. Student loans are also an option for most students. Both active-duty military service members and veterans can take advantage of the Montgomery G.I. Bill or the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill (including the new Yellow Ribbon Program). Your advisor will help you research and apply for financial aid.